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T10 12V 2*0.5W LED lamp

T10 12V 2*0.5W LED lamp
Product Detailed
1.T10 12V 2*0.5W LED lamp, 2.Made of Taiwan chip, 3.Life:over 10000h, 4.Offer OEM.

The benefits of LED

1. Quick start, reduce the number of accidents:

Many car brake light adopted high LED, and tail lights still for traditional tungsten lamps, when put on the brakes when we are very easy to find, high first brake light bright, and after tail light bright; High brake light very simply, and tail lights is dawn; As the brake lights or direction light, LED reflect quickly, without any delay, and traditional light bulb with 0.3 seconds or so start delay, LED without delay, can prevent tracing cauda etc accidents.

2. Low power consumption, energy saving make battery service life growth:

LED has quite a low power consumption, it is about the consumption of electrical energy of tungsten 1/10 to 1/20 of the traditional, such as the 1157 lights incandescent lamp (glass shell light bulb) for 21 w, and LED is about 2 to 3 w, if use five years can save about 100 liters of oil or so, and then decreases the outfit LED the current can be extended battery time and the use of the service life (part of the motorcycle battery soon have no electricity or often should change, its reason is high, but the power with incandescent lamp of the product manufacturer completely according to the national standard production, not to increase the life of the bulb to reduce brightness the real power increase power, let consumer labeled looked bright said the bulb for many candidates, all have this idea, bulb and other countries to some requirements are very strict, this also is a lot of domestic products are not out of doors across the reason), and save power will make headlamps more bright. According to the data shows, the LED and energy-saving lamps and incandescent lamp glow effect contrast as follows, provide everyone reference:

1 W LED = 3 W CFL (energy-saving lamps) = 15 W incandescent lamp

3 W LED = 8 W CFL (energy-saving lamps) = 25 W incandescent lamp

4 W LED = 11 W CFL (energy-saving lamps) = 40 W incandescent lamp

8 W LED = 15 W CFL (energy-saving lamps) = 75W incandescent lamp

12 W LED = 20 W CFL (energy-saving lamps) = 100W incandescent lamp


3. Low quantity of heat, more safety:

Led is no filament structure, produce less heat, so that the chimney not easy ageing and close from lamp pieces of plastic won't melt. Many older car tail lights reflectors are light bulb very hot deformation, chimney and aging, pervious to decline, and the use of LED light bulb can avoid this problem.

4. Long service life:

  We can see the way many cars on the brakes side when bright, bright side, this kind of phenomenon even Mercedes BMW are not rare. In the rated current and voltage, the theory of LED service life can reach 100000 hours, but due to the reason of itself of the modular, can achieve the theoretical value, but normal voltage, film use above 5 years is no problem (inferior products out).

The malpractice of LED:

Ordinary products than traditional incandescent lamp brightness slightly lower brightness, high brightness product price is higher, price is not very good; Because the manufacturer can control the price war behind the cost, and cost control is an important way to reduce the quality is, leading to the present market above and clean out treasure of LED lights on the price of the same appearance is uneven, so can't single from appearance distinguish! Surface look not to come out, but after testing and using the difference is very big, a brightness low, 2 color is not pure, three heat dissipation bad, four short service life, so when the choose and buy must carefully distinguish!

T10 12V 2*0.5W LED lamp

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